Thursday, October 02, 2008

She's Back!!!

As I rode downtown today I passed the usual sights -- Tavern on the Green, Metropolitan Hospital and the new sanitation facility. Then, as I cleared the cruise ship terminal, I saw it. And I cheered. Loudly. And pumped my arm in the air. And cheered again, and again!

The Intrepid is back after over a year's absence and we are happy. Mike saw it coming from the harbor -- his classroom has a good view of the lower river. Apparently he actually stopped his lesson so they could watch the Intrepid come home.

So, if you saw any of the news reports and saw a strange biker in the background in a bright yellow jacket fighting the wind and shouting. Yeah, that was me. I'm very happy that the Intrepid is back. The hole in my cityscape has been refilled.

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Penny said...

E took a ton of pics today. I'll look through them and see if you are in any. ;) I'll also let you know if he ever decides to update his site. *sigh*

I'm happy too. I've fond memories of her. :)