Friday, November 28, 2008

Doing Our Part

Never say that the Squid did not do their part on Black Friday. Despite a total dislike of crowds and such.


We tried to buy more but not one of the three music stores that we hit had oboe reeds. (We went to our favorite Woodwind and Brass store which sent us to Sam Ash which sent us to a different woodwind store. Seems there was a recent run on oboe reeds. No joke.) Squidette did, however, get her clarinet reeds and even got a new type to try. Also in the pile are a few pieces of music for Little Squid to play around with and figure out which one he wants to use to audition for camp. And some battery cases for electronics projects. Never say we don't know how to spend money!

Exhausted from our shopping we then had to take a break at the Charmin Restroom. Where Little Squid suffered the trauma of being locked in his stall. No kidding. He was pretty upset. But then he swung a little and recovered his equilibrium.

Soldering on, we actually ventured to Old Navy, where we stood in front and took a picture of Horton on Macy's. Desperately needing clothing -- Little Squid out grew his pants the other night -- we walked into, and then immediately out of, Old Navy. Have no fear, the jeans have now been purchased from the comfort of my chair. Let's hear it for internet stores!
Tomorrow? Greenmarket, Barnes and Noble and the Tea Salon. And a haircut for Little Squid. Oh -- and an Opera!


Dee said...

Sounds like a busy, BUSY weekend.

Glad Little Squid was okay after his harrowing visit to the restroom. The swin looks like fun.

Enjoy the opera. Which one are you seeing?

Penny said...

I purchased my bassoon reeds from Forrests for years.

Susan said...

I'm glad you were out helping the economy..but even more glad that you were also able to shop from home. That part is the best.

knitseashore said...

Happy belated Birthday to you and your sister! I hope you both were completely spoiled by the squid families!!

How fun that your shopping was to support the local music businesses. Seeing the sheet music reminds me of my long neglected piano. Do Little Squid and Squidette play any pieces together?