Tuesday, December 23, 2008

There is something ...

... to be for making the bed with too much of the covers on your husband's side of the bed. When you climb into the bed, 15 minutes after him, and steal the covers back ... they're nice and warm.

Only 8 more hours until dismissal ... and I'm not even AT work yet!


Penny said...

:) Or flipping the electric blanket so when he prewarms his side... (that wasn't intentional but i enjoyed it greatly).

hope you didn't have the kids outside yesterday. BRRR!!! was thinking of you as I layered 2-3 deep for the walk to the train.

Happy Chanukah!

T. said...

Happy Chanukah! Hope you made it thru your day.

Mary said...

Vacation! YAY! Enjoy!