Sunday, December 14, 2008

Warming Up ... I hope

Lots of research was done this weekend, followed by lots of online purchasing.

Flannel lined khakis and jeans were procured from L.L. Bean, as were fleece lined shoes.

HotSnapZ hand warmers were ordered. (We went to dinner at a friends house and experienced these wonderful, reusable, items. I may have over ordered in my enthusiasm. Or not.)

Wool tights, including a pair of cotton lined tights were ordered.

Sock liners were located.

And the temps are supposed to go into the 40s tomorrow. Which is good since none of this stuff will arrive before Tuesday at the earliest.

It was a quiet weekend but busy. I worked on cleaning a book room at work while the kids were in band practice. This was my fourth Saturday of work on this room. I think one more session will do it. Then on to the next one ...

An adult-only dinner on Saturday and a pre-chanuckah party on Sunday. On to the last full week before break.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you'll be toasty warm for yard duty.

Penny said...

ooh these hotsnapz sound amazing. my toes will thank you. i'm thinking good thoughts for fast postal delivery .. you do have a good zip code for that. ;)

Susan said...

I really need to get some tights but they always fit so terribly. The ones I loved for years are no longer being made so I just do without. Sounds like you are going to be toasty warm from head to toes.