Friday, January 02, 2009

Sea, Air, Space and Squid

Already this week we've visited a couple of major tourist attractions and a minor one. Today we trekked off to see an old friend who had absent for the last 18 months. Back before her renovation, we'd visit the Intrepid once a year or so, walking up along the river to spend an hour or so among the planes and such.

Almost two years ago they closed her for renovations. Usually, when a museum undergoes a renovation, the structure remains in place. Not this one.

In order to rehabilitate the Intrepid, they first had to tow it to dry dock. The towing was supposed to be pro forma but they ran into snags when the propellers stuck in the mud. Ultimately, they did unstick her and off she went.

Now she's returned and better then ever. A fresh coat of paint, some shining up and reallocation of the exhibit space and our old friend is back with us.

We joined Mike's sister and her family at the Intrepid and immediately headed up to the flight deck. The planes on top have also been cleaned up. The stealth fighter was so clean that we could not even see it!

Just joking, here it is.

The kids tried out every model, switch and button that there was to try,

climbed a cargo net (except Squidette)

and hoped in and out of as many vehicles as were available.
They sat on a torpedo,
and lay in a space capsule.

I think it's safe to say that a good time was had by all.


Anonymous said...

My son would have loved that trip.

He's a nut for Navy hardware. Guess that is why he took a job with a defense contractor. LOL

Penny said...

we've been to visit her on the outside but as a certain individual (who needs to move out of his house soon) was visiting that day we didn't get inside. hopefully come spring... it's been too long for both of us (last time was May 2001)