Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Regents Week

Regents week has taken on a new flavor in the Squid household. In past years it has been a time of extreme stress for just me as I juggle the testing schedule of my school. Mike has it relatively easy -- he goes in, proctors and grades and comes home. Yes, he has a lot of grading to do, and he has to actually create the exam for his subject but it is a different kind of stress then his usual day-to-day teaching and he tends to relax a bit.

Squidette has just added Regents Week to her "times of stress." Tomorrow she takes her first Regents Exam -- Earth Science. Mike is helping her study by asking random question from her notes. He just finished the astronomy unit and had me in giggles and tears.

Mike: "Where is Mercury?"

Squidette: "It is the closest planet to the sun."

Mom's (silently): "In the plaza at Rockefeller Center."

Mike: "Where is Saturn?"

Squidette: "..." (something relevant ... I forget what)

Mom: Giggles hysterically since I know where this is going ...

Squidette: "Why are you laughing? ... Oh, I get it." (and silently, to self "my parents are idiots!")

Little Squid (emerging from room): "What's going on?"

We know what was coming next ... do you?


Penny said...


I *still* remember taking that exam... 'twas my first Regents too. we got to walk across the parking lot to the high school to take that class..

These days (ok all year) I've been helping mom help F study for it. However it is more they ring me and ask *me* random questions while I'm walking down the street.

Sending good Regents vibes to your household!

bethyaz said...

I wasn't thinking "my parents are idiots..."

Mary said...

That was my first Regents too. However, I'm sure Squidette will do much, much, much better than I did.