Monday, February 21, 2022

Sewing for My Siblings

 Sewing for My Siblings

As you might have figured out by now, I am a little obsessed with sewing. 

When I sit down with a pattern it becomes a puzzle which I have to figure out. Knitting fills the same need but more slowly. The speed at which I can finish a project is just so much faster with sewing.

And this is where I ran into a problem. My dresser is full. But I still want to sew!

So (sew?) I turned the problem over to my family and offered to sew for the cost of the fabric. I sent a few links for fabric out to my siblings and my oldest nephew and told them to go for it.

(I sent a similar message to my kids but it just said to choose what they wanted without cost. Yes, I still feel the need to (mostly) clothe my adult children.)

The first one to take me up on the offer was my brother Mike. (Yes, I married a Mike and have a brother Mike. Yes, it makes things a little confusing at times but such is life.)

Mike and his wonderful wife Maria immediately had a challenge for me. They want a golf cart seat cover. They sent a wonderfully detailed schematic, told me that terry cloth would be great, and then chose some fabric for golf clothes – a shirt for Mike and a matching skirt for Maria.

My youngest sibling, Amanda, piped in with a desire for some workout gear and ultimately chose a pair of shorts in a stretch woven.

My daughter asked for a couple of boat necked, long sleeve, tops to go under her new her-made sweaters. When asked, my son said “sure” to getting a couple of new tee shirts in the same fabric.

And so it starts. I spent Saturday and Sunday making up the Be Dreamy dress for Batya and it is hanging out, waiting for her to come over so I can hem it. (This was already in the planning stages and the fabric had been sitting around for a few weeks.)

Long black dress with flutter sleeves hanging in a door frame

Last night I did the math and made a plan for the golf cart seat cover, figured out the right size shirt for my brother and bought the pattern. Now I have a polo / henley / tee shirt pattern in my stash which my spouse is eyeing.

Today is a lovely federal holiday and I plan on sewing all day long. My plan coming into the weekend was to get all of the “have to do” stuff out of the way so that today could be a “me” day.

That included not leaving the house. I may revise that because the weather is wonderful so I might get out for a walk.

But maybe not.

**Definitely not as evidenced by this completed golf cart seat cover. Fabric is Camel Bamboo Terry from **

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