Monday, February 20, 2006

A Mother's Pride

After many, many hours of driving we finally arrived in New Hamphire. Total car knitting -- half a mitten (to complete the pair) and a good deal of sweater yoke. An inch or so of Squid Sock was knit while waiting for lunch in Sturbridge.

On Sunday morning we all headed out to Ragged Mountian for ski lessons. Mike and I were the only people in our class so we had a very nice "private" lesson while the kids spent the entire day in Ski school. After lunch we looked out at the kids and realized that they were now in different groups. After putting on our own gear, Mike and I headed back out to the learning area -- having been told not to do the mountain on our own -- and I promptly lost control and wound up on the grass. Deciding that I had had enough, I retreated to the learning center and proceed to knit and to watch Mike and the kids from inside.

I did more watching then knitting and watched as DD headed up the mountain on the chair lift. I then spent the next 45 minutes glued to the window as I waited, with baited breath, for her to come down the mountain. Finally, I saw her bright yellow jacket with the red scarf and hot pink mittens coming down. DSister was at the bottom to give her a big hug when she made it down.

Watching her go up on the lift, my heart was in my mouth. Watching her come down the mountain filled my heart with pride and my eyes with tears. She took yet another major step toward adulthood and the tears were for the childhood that is quickly disappearing. In the last few months she has grown tremendously, both physically and emotionally and I am so very proud of her. The changes fill me with awe and a little fear of what is to come. Hopefully she will always retain what is wonderful about her as she adds skills and maturity.

That brings us to today. DD and Mike are back out at the mountain and DSister and Dson and I are going to go geocaching and shopping. Right now the two of them are playing with the dogs. We came to NH hoping to find another family sport but have probably found a daddy-daughter sport instead. Hey, that works too.

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