Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ready or not

Hear are the projects that will accompany us to New Hampshire. On the top left is the Elephant Sweater -- it now has a neck and about 1.5 inches of the top. On the right are the Squid Mittens of which the second one is about half done. On the bottom left is the first of the Squid Socks of the squid-like creatures from the popular animated program. I am still waiting for guesses ...

I was hoping to finish the mittens before departure but I suspect that last minute packing will prevent that. Just in case this is not enough knitting, I will toss a ball of thin sock yarn in to my bag with a set of size zero needles. I have absolutely no clue how much I will actually accomplish on this trip.

This may be my last post until we get back and will certainly be the last with pictures unless my sister is armed with her digital camera. If she is ... then hey, we may have some pics of me falling on my rear, or, perhaps even sking.

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