Saturday, May 20, 2006

Good and tired

I promised you that we were heading to the Little Red Lighthouse today so here they are. The superstructure on the right is the base of the George Washington Bridge -- Manhattan side.

And here they are about 2 miles further -- at Spuyten Duyvil, as close to the northern tip of Manhattan as we could get.

Proof that Mike and his Bike Friday made it -- that is the Spuyten Duyvil bridge in the background sticking out. It rotates on its axis so that boats can get from the Harlem River to the Hudson River.

(Mike making it is actually not a big deal since he does this ride fairly frequently.)

And lastly, proof that I made it. (It really is not a huge deal for me either.)

It is, however a huge deal that the kids did this trip -- a total of 21 miles and the second half of the trip was against headwinds that made me tired. The kids were great and both managed the first hill without having to dismount. The second hill is just a nasty, wicked thing leading up from the Lighthouse and only Mike made it on his bike. I even walked part of it downhill on the return trip. The descent was so steep that I got a bit freaked. Unfortunately, my bike shoes are somewhat slippery so walking it was not much better.

I picked up a couple of boo boos when Mike asked me to diagnose a problem with his bike. I couldn't free my left foot and took a tumble. My legs should look lovely in a dress tomorrow.

Any NYCers out there know how to navigate the greenway over to the Bronx? Next week we are possibly aiming for the Bronx or New Jersey.

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