Friday, May 19, 2006

Important? For whom?

I never fail to find it surprising that news items that are very important to me are totally overlooked by others. I am not sure why this should surprise me. Obviously people find different things important or interesting and other things just fall outside of their zone. I do it too. Sports, for example -- could not care less. Others, however, can name every member of the NFL or NBA or what have you.

My current example of a news item I find important is the whole school / cell phone thing that is bubbling away here in NYC. I follow the news with extreme interest and have animated conversations about it with colleagues and family. My interest stems from both my profession and my standing as a parent of two NYC public school students. This is a subject on which I have very strong feelings and I find it almost surprising to find that others, even other elementary school parents, are not following it. I suppose I should just get over my amazement and get the clue that it is an area of concern for a relatively small portion of the overall population -- NYC middle and high school parents and administrators of the same schools.

On the knitting front, one bee-stripe sock is in the heel turning stage and the current plain sock is nearing the ribbing. I am using the Judy Gibson's toe-up pattern for the heel for this sock. I want to get away from the standard short row heel that I usually use and play a bit with heel types but I am finding it difficult to locate the urls of sites that have the different variations on the flap heel for a toe-up sock. I may have to resort to knitting top-down but with size 10 feet I am still more comfortable running out of yarn on the leg instead of on the foot. If anyone can point me to other toe-up heels ... please leave a comment.

On the dyeing front, Female Child and I will dye one more skein tonight and then decide which of the four is going to my swap partner. With luck it should go out either this Sunday or next Saturday.

Our plans for the weekend include a bike ride up to the Little Red Light House (and back) and a much more sober activity on Sunday. I am determined to enjoy Saturday since I know that Sunday will be sad. As always, the only way to get to the other side is to go through it so we will do just that and come out stronger for it.


Elizabeth said...

OK, so are you going to say what's going on, or just make me go look it up? I've a middle schooler just panting to have a cell phone...

Devorah said...

I just added a link to the latest NY Times article about it.