Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Random Wednesday ...

O.k., I stole that concept from Cate but it works for today.

First, we have my mother's day lamb. Pictured lamb was purchased after I thought that Mike and the Female Child had continued riding down to the tip of Manhattan. They tricked me! Please note that the lamb is now sans head.

Then we have the Female child cozily curled up with a book ... in her new Summer Socks. (Knitpicks Dancing in Rumba color. One ball made both sockettes to fit a women's size 5.

Then Male child had a migraine at the end of the school day on Monday which resulted in my telling their caregiver to take a cab up to my school with them instead of taking them home on the subway. This worked just fine but I later discovered that said caregiver did not know how to hail a cab. Female child taught her how to do this. I guess it is a geographic thing. Our caregiver is a Queens kid and we are Manhattanittes. Female child learned how to hail a cab when she was two.

This led to a quick quiz of both children to make sure that they can navigate from school to either home or my school by both cab and public transportation. Now to make sure that their cell phones are charged. (Just curious, do any NYC readers see a small contradiction in what I do as a parent and what I must say and do as a public school administrator?)


Moze said...

Definitely a geographical thing. One of the editors at Redbook had to teach me to hail a cab. Borough girls know how to call a car service, if anything.

TMcCormick said...

Yes. I do see the contradiction aren't cellphones banned in the NYC public schools?

You're right it is definitely a geographical thing. I live in Bklyn so I call for a cab but I think I know how to hail a cab.

Anyway it is always good to learn a new skill :)