Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Adventures of Sock and Friends in the Orlando Theme Parks -- part 2, the Sock Does Disney

After watching it's owner devour a too expensive breakfast, the sock started pushing the humans to get moving. It really wanted to meet Dumbo and crew. (The sock doesn't "do" Mickey.) So, after inquiring about public transportation (none), cab fare (ouch) and rental rates, the humans decided on the rental and got a really cool Toyota Matrix that the sock's owner got to drive.

Down to the Magic Kingdom (TM) they flew getting there just as the gates opened for the day. First stop, the Jungle Cruise with its hokey jokes and silly effects. The sock got an inch or so added during the wait and subsequent cruise and got its knitter to be the only person to really laugh at the jokes. The sock felt a bit sorry for the guide as the other cruisers did not even groan at her jokes and puns. The sock wondered if the others understood them.

Sock and crew then met a friend of our friend, there for the day with his son. He was giving his 3 year old a "big boy day" following the recent birth of another child. [If you have positive vibes to send, please send them down to Orlando, FL. The baby in question contracted viral meningitis and is currently hospitalized. The baby is only 2 weeks old.] The sock watched as the child and father rode Aladin's Magic Carpet and then the sock bade a fond farewell and took its owner off to another part of the park.

Always one for the cliche'd photo op, the sock had to pose in front of Cinderella's Castle. And then it saw him. The moment was full of tension and then the sock did it ... it hid in the bag while its knitter snapped a picture of Dumbo ala' topiary with all of the flying Dumbos behind it. The sock, too cowed by the presence of its favorite celebrity, stayed in the bag until after lunch.Following a not so nutritious lunch, our intrepid trio marched off to the Peter Pan ride and the 3-D PhilharMagic show. They then, having missed the worst of the rain, did a bit of shopping (presents for the kids) and headed to Epcot (also TM).

At Epcot, the sock got a glimpse of the future and saw Chinese acrobats. It is almost scary how flexible those girls are. Here we see one of them inserting two bowls in to a stack of four more bowls. The four were held on her head, the two in her feet, all while she managed to get herself up and in to the air in this position. It was only a freak of digital camera timing that caught this picture.The sock was so inspired by the acrobats that it decided to try some clever maneuvers of its own. Here is the sock braving life and limb to climb in to the mouth of a Dragon. You will notice that the dragon does not like socks and has spit it out on to a nice curlicue below it. No accounting for taste. You will notice that the sock is looking decidedly short. It is a new sock -- the old one grew weary in the Magic Kingdom (TM) and decided to have some grafting done on its toe. A new one had to be started immediately. The yarn is my second dye-o-rama attempt. (I still do not have the yarn from MY swap partner ... boo. :-( )Here, just for the beauty, are two pictures of the sunset sky over the lagoon. The sock was suitably awed.And last but not least, Ellen holding the sock just before the fireworks began. I have to admit, Disney outdoes Universal in the fireworks department.


Ann said...

Next time could you take me along? I promise to be quiet as a sock and pose for interesting photos.



J.P. said...

What a fun post! It looks like the sock (and the knitter of the sock) had a great day!

That socks surely gets around, doesn't he? I am just glad that the new sock was so calm in the lion's mouth! I think I would have been too nervous!

Dye-o-rama angel said...

That sock must be having a lot of fun! Just take it out drinking. :-)