Thursday, July 20, 2006

Back to Reality

There will be one more Orlando post but it is on hold temporarily. Meanwhile, we have spent the last 4 days painting and taping and ... but both kids rooms are now ready to occupy. This is a good thing since they are returning this evening from a visit with my folks. When I am done here, I will take on the satisfying task of making their beds with clean sheets and such.

Our trip to Kentucky and Indiana is finally scheduled and we will be leaving NYC on July 31 with the plan of arriving in Kentucky on August 1. We are aiming for Youngstown, OH as a possible stopping point on the outward trip and have not picked a return layover yet. We will be taking I-80 most of the way, according to AAA, (355.5 miles to be exact) so if you know of any yarn stores close to the highway, pass them on. ;-) Papa Squid has promised that we will be stopping every couple of hours and that I will be doing some of the driving.

That gives me an idea for a contest: How many hours / miles do you think Papa Squid will actually let me drive? There are roughly 690 miles on the outbound trip, 144 from Alexandria, Kentucky to Indianapolis, IN and something like 730 miles inbound from IN. Figure about 20 -- 24 hours of actually drive time from main locale to main locale not counting any "local" driving. Please keep in mind that Papa Squid feels that I drive too conservatively and that we will get anywhere faster if he drives. (This is true but the difference in time over the length of this drive will probably add up to only an hour if I did the entire trip by myself.) When we go anywhere distant, he drives and I navigate / knit.

Put your answers in the comments section any time from now until midnight July 31. I will do my best to keep track and will declare the winner the person with the closest guess. Prize will be a pair of socks worth of either Koigu, Lorna's Laces (the new stripy stuff) or Claudia's Handpaints.

Once I figure out what projects I am taking with me, there will be another contest to figure out what will actually get finished. Keep your eyes on this blog a bit closer to the 31st.

Tomorrow we go furniture shopping. Oh joy. (note sarcasm with a hint of excitement)


chumly said...

It is good to share driving and safe, but I guess he really likes to drive and maybe you will get 2 hours in tops so he can nap.

Ann said...

Ackkkkkkkkkkk MATH!!!

I am guessing 4.5 hours.

Enjoy the romp through the cornfields.



PBnJ said...

Hope you have a fun trip! Here's my guess:
3 hours

My dh loves to drive too! I don't know if I've even driven with him in the vehicle since we were married! (abt. 10 yrs)

Moze said...

I'm guessing 4 hours.

And enjoy any driving you get to do. Wait until the Littler Squids have licenses, too--then you'll never get to drive (says the sound of bitter experience).