Friday, July 21, 2006

The Adventures of Sock and Friends in the Orlando Theme Parks -- part 3, MGM Studios

Before I tell the sock's tale I must first mention that my dye-o-rama angel commented on the blog the other day. My angel actually exists! One of these days I hope to see hand-dyed sock yarn from this swap. I am so excited!


Now on to the final Florida tale ...
On our last pre-conference day, the sock once again witnessed it's owner consume a pricey breakfast -- no inexpensive food to be had at the hotel -- and then assumed it's position in the knitting bag.

Off it went to MGM Studios Theme Park (part of Disney). There it was greeted by yet another view of New York City.

The sock was starting to freak out now. It knew it was not in New York (it figured that out during the Guggenheim episode) and all of these incorrect NYC panoramas were making it feel out of sorts. So, it did what any intelligent sock would do, it went on the Studio Tour. There it saw:

Battle ships,

A water tower sporting Mickey Mouse ears,

and best of all, the steamroller from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit!" That was way cool.

Then it saw the biggest footprints it could ever imagine. And, being a good sock, it tried to cover those poor, cold feet.

After realizing that there was not enough wool in its carry bag to knit it to dinosaur size, the sock started looking around for other feet. It saw these guys ...

But they didn't have anyfeet and the big mouse in the background just scared the poor sock.

It saw Elastigirl's feet but figured out that maybe one of it's fellow Cascade socks might fit her better.

These feet looked like they could use some loving wool:

but Frozone already had a pair of Toasty Toes.

Then it decided to go out of this world and saw the feet on this guy:

What do they wear under those boots?

Finally, the sock returned to the hotel and took a well deserved rest while the humans attended a cocktail reception.The next day, the sock rested up and in the evening, took a walk to City Walk for the conference dinner. Along the paths it spotted these guys with their tiny little feet.

It also spotted Woody and Dora. The sock was too awed to ask for an autograph.

Then it got to party at Pat O'Briens. It did not drink a Hurricane but it did have a very nice time.

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Ann said...

Matching mardi gra beads for the sock. Hopefully he/she didn't have to flash anything to get those!

Thanks for sharing the adventure!

...and thanks for the post card, it gave me a chuckle today when I needed one.