Saturday, July 15, 2006

Growing Up

I'm back! There will be several posts over the next few days where I share my adventures. It will take a bit of time though, since while I was away, our construction project fell apart. The stuff we cannot do ourselves is mostly done and arrangements have been made to mostly finish things up using other resources but we will be busy doing the painting for the next few days so my time may be limited. I swear that I once swore never to paint again. See what happens when you swear!

On to my travels ... (Please note, I was traveling with a friend so I occasionally use "we." It is not the Royal We but really does refer to two people and a sock.)


I am growing up. Our journey starts at Laguardia airport where we watched and wondered about the family with six kids. Now remember, I only have 2 kids so they usually do not out number the adults I must assume that the rules are different when you have 6. The rules, however, should not include one parent napping while the other reads a magazine with the kids left to their own devices. That is what happened on the plane and I was lucky(?) enough to be seated in the same row as the father and one kid and in front of 3 kids under 6 years old while mom slept behind them with the last 2 kids. The kids with the parents mostly slept. The 3 behind me however ...

I did not channel my mother-in-law (but she was with me as I decided what not to do) and I did keep my temper and focused on knitting CeCe for the duration of the flight. I am proud to say that I am growing up.

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Cookie said...


You are a very good woman for not saying anything. I could not do it.

Six kids?! 0.o