Saturday, July 15, 2006

Where our Heroine Battles with the Forces of Housekeeping

As the scene opens, we find our heroine as she enters a lovely hotel room. The two queen size beds are made to perfection, the bathroom is three times the size of our heroine's home facilities and the mini bar is fully stocked.

Our heroine decides to unpack fully and even hangs her hangables. She adjusts the temperature upwards and then departs for the remainder of the day to indulge in the decadence of a nearby theme park.

When our heroine returns, she is greeted with soft music, one turned down bed, a chocolate mint and a lowered thermostat. The lady in question turns off the radio, and raises the room temperature. She stows the mint for later.

Running a bath, our heroine luxuriates in the warm water while reading a trashy novel. After the relaxing soak she dries off with the fresh, clean towels and slips into bed. There, she curls up with the four fluffy pillows and quickly departs for dreamland.

In the morn our heroine is not awakened by the usual sound of the bike in the living room, but rather by the soft ding of her cell phone. This was necessitated by a lack of understanding of the workings of the alarm clock by her bedside. After performing her usual ablutions, she then departs for The Magic Kingdom (TM).

Returning to her room late that night, she finds the t.v cabinet open, the radio on, the thermostat lowered, the same bed turned down and two chocolate mints. She closes the cabinet, turns off the radio, raises the thermostat and slips in to bed.

Another day dawns, another theme park is conquered and our heroine returns to her room in the early evening to prepare for the opening reception of the conference that brought her south to begin with. Entering, she finds the room clean and the thermostat turned down. Shivering, our heroine turns up the temperature and transforms herself from her play persona to her work persona -- lipstick and all.

Following an enjoyable evening of networking and free alcoholic beverages, she once again returns to her room for the night. There she finds: the t.v. cabinet open, the radio on, the thermostat lowered, the other bed turned down and two more chocolate mints. Our heroine: shuts the t.v. cabinet, turns off the radio, raises the temperature and rips the bedspread off of the bed that she has occupied the last two nights. She then retires with a good heart.

The next day dawns and our heroine learns many good things at the conference. She also freezes her a** off but that is neither here nor there. After dinner, she returns to her room to find: the temperature lowered, the radio off, neither bed turned down and no chocolate mints. Fade to black.

Coming Soon -- The Adventures of Sock and friends in the Theme Parks


Ann said...

I am so glad that you took those extra days for yourself. :o)

I can remember a trip when I called home and the 80 year old man asked me if I was ready to go home. I said no...I have someone to make my bed, magically take care of my towels and leave me fresh ones, and I am eating out every night.

You deserve a little spoiling I can't wait to see the photos!


J.P. said...

Don't ya just love being in a hotel, even if you are freezing to death?

I can't wait for the next installment, as I used to work at The Magic Kingdom (TM) and love hearing about the goings on down there!

I also can't wait to hear about what the sock did and saw! :)