Thursday, July 06, 2006

Of Vanities and the High Line

As we were walking today we saw a wonderful sight, a bulldozer on the High Line. The High Line is an abandoned elevated rail line that once served the factories and warehouses downtown and now is growing wild. For years, the powers that be have debated what to do with it -- whether to tear it down or to turn it in to elevated parkland. The preservationists finally prevailed and work started in April. Anything that brings green space in to Manhattan is a good thing in my book so seeing the bulldozer was exciting.

Also exciting was this purchase:
Yes, it is a Vanity for the main bathroom. After buying this and schleping it home, we decided that our bathroom could also use a vanity. And so, we get to repeat the trip either tomorrow or next week.

Meanwhile, the Female Child's room is ready for a door. Woo Hoo! (to quote said Child)
And ... we ordered a new dining room table and chairs! They are in stock and will be delivered when we ask for them.

After our trip to Brooklyn, ending with a quick trip to the newest Fairway Market, we took a very long walk down to Soho to shop for some necessary foundation garments. Hopefully I have been properly fitted this time. We swung by Chocolate Haven and picked up some chocolate and munched on a Roasted Banana ice cream sandwich. Yum! The ice cream was sandwiched between two C.H. chocolate chip cookies and was the best ice cream sandwich I have ever had. We then tramped home and collapsed for a few minutes before heading back out to retrieve the kids from camp. All of us then proceeded to Jensen Lewis to decide on our new Dining Room table. We took with us the necessary equipment -- 3 books and a newspaper. The table has to be able to accommodate our shameful habit of reading at meals -- all of us at once. This one fits the bill while still being small enough to fit in our, while newly enlarged, still small dining area.

And now for today's question: What is your shameful secret habit? I know, if it is a secret ... o.k., your almost secret "shameful" habit? I think that all four of us reading at the dinner table is pretty sad but we do talk at other times ... and we do often wind up discussing what one of us is reading.

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Ann said...

Shameful secret habit..hmmmm...I would say I am addicted to checking my e-mail. At work I have Yahoo messenger up in case any important e-mails come in--they don't, and also my home e-mail account..JUST IN CASE!