Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Email Test

This is a test to see I can post by email. I figure that if I really
need to post while on the road next week this would be a good way to
do it via my cell phone.

On the apartment front, it is getting there. The kids closets are now
framed and a channel has been cut for a new light switch. We did some
shopping and bought ... a mop. Hey, we really needed that mop!

Really, we hit 3 different furniture stores and think we know what
table we are getting. Then we hit Home Depot and determined that we
are not getting the vanity there. Tomorrow we will drive out to Lowes
and see about getting a vanity that they claim is in stock. We are
pretty much nowhere on the sofa search but we are now thinking about
down sizing the living room desk so that we can fit in another easy
chair. The four of us no longer easily fit on the couch and the one

Knitting wise, I finished the first Child's sock in a not so child
size -- it fits my size 10 foot which was the goal. I also stopped at
School Products and picked up new size 0, 1 and 2 circular needles
which I really needed. The join on one of my 0's is starting to go
and these are my main sock needles.

So, you all seem to have a variety of Sofa ages. Today's question:
What piece of furniture have you had the longest? (Not necessarily the
oldest piece of furniture.)

As a couple, we have a "bookcase" from Ikea that we purchased 4
apartments ago -- roughly 17 years. One of the kids' bed (base, not
mattress) belonged to Mike as a kid but it has not been owned
continuously by him if you figure he gave up ownership of it when we
started cohabiting and then reclaimed it when we "stole" it from his
mom about 10 years ago. The other kid bed was Mike's brother's and
they are identical.



Ann said...

Hmmm...I am pondering....trying to come up with an answer.

There has to be something in my house older than that couch. Probably tucked in a junk room some place that I won't throw out but never use.

I'll have to get back to you on that one.


fillyjonk said...

The bedframe I use (and the matching dresser) have been mine for over 30 years.

I did replace the mattress about 5 years ago.

Before that, they were my parents'.

My parents also have sofas that are probably close to 30 years old. My mom recently slipcovered them because the covering was getting very tatty.