Thursday, August 24, 2006

Help! My Turtles are Trying to Escape!

Really! I think it is time that I got the other two tanks set up and separated the reptiles. Yesterday we found two of them on top of the log, on top of each other, reaching for the tank cover. I think the third one was giving suggestions from below.

Meanwhile, we went back to school shopping!
Why yes, those clothes are a bit sophisticated for Squidette. Who said we were shopping for the kids?! Papa Squid and I enhanced our school wardrobes slightly and then we all when sofa shopping. In 8 weeks or so we should have our new recliner sofa. Yea!!! The kids were then treated to lunch at Ikea (best price / food in the area) and we hit Costco to stock up on back-to-school necessities like peanut butter and jelly (for Squidette) and hot cups (for Mama Squid). Both kids walked out with new sweat shirts and we now have dinner fixings for many meals.

Today -- Dentist for all and some shopping for Squidette. Turns out that Little's early spring growth spurt left him well equipped with jeans in the right sizes. All he needs are some long sleeve tops and another sweatshirt or two. Squidette on the other hand ... we have no clue since most of her school stuff is at my sister-in-laws and cannot be retrieved before Labor Day Weekend. So ... we will get her enough to get through those ever important opening days of Middle School and then reassess.

I leave you with photographic evidence that Squid have feet.
Some squid have tan line.


KnittyOtter said...

Ikea has a restaurant? o.0

I've never been into an Ikea. All of my knowledge about them comes from seeing that guy buying stuff from them via catalog in Fight Club. *L*

Yes I am worldy. :P

Nice feeties. I was expecting more tentacles than toes. ;)

Cookie said...

Keep an eye on those turtles!

Susan said...

I would dearly love to go to an Ikea. A friend once sent me a catalog of theirs...I was amazed at all the cool things

Ann said...

The photo of the squid feet had me giggling at my computer...good thing the 80 year old man was asleep...