Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Family of Squid Invade Randall's Island and a Contest

Today the Squid family ventured to Randall's island in the middle of what most people call the East River but which we believe is actually Hell's Gate. (No, really, that is the name of that piece of the tidal estuary that is on the east side of Manhattan.)

Why, you ask, did they venture that far uptown on two wheels? To train for the really long ride that they are hoping to do in a couple of weeks. And, because it was a new place to ride.

We are running out of time to get in shape for the New York Century, a 100 mile ride of which we are hoping to do the 35 mile portion. In less then a week Mama Squid returns to work and the squidlings resume camp for a single week. Papa Squid also goes back to work, but a bit later that same week. So, our weekday rides will be a thing of the past after Friday (Not counting Labor Day, of course). Since tomorrow is the annual "back to school" shopping expedition and Thursday the semi-annual family Dentist appointments ... There just is not much time left.

And so I give you the latest Bike Cam and Bike Cam 2 (Mama's bike-mounted camera) montages of today's trip.Taxis in Central Park at 10:30 a.m. The park closes to traffic at 10:00 a.m. Papa Squid tried standing in front of them for a while but it quickly became a futile and blood pressure raising act.
On the right with the "smoke stack" sticking out is Mama Squid's school. (Aka Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics High School.) Photo taken from the 103rd street bridge to Randall's Island. Carl Schurz Park.
Squidlings on Randall's Island.
The Central Park drive heading south on the west side.

The pedestrian bridge to Randall's Island from the Manhattan side.

The pedestrian bridge to Randall's Island from the perspective of the Bike Cam.

A bridge view. The Triborough is in the foreground and I can't remember what the arched bridge in the back is. Google Earth is slowing my machine down too much to research it right now.
The Great Hill in Central Park. The squidlings did not even yelp when we declared it a mandatory part of the route home. Both ascended it with relative ease. See what happens when you train them up! Mama Squid was not even breathing hard!
Ice Cream!

Then, a lovely ride home following what is now a well worn route. Total mileage: 25.

And now the contest ... What will the total Squid Family mileage be for 2006? (Note that we are now up to 312 miles. Total mileage is in the sidebar.) We will declare biking season officially over as of Halloween for the purposes of this contest. Entries must be in the comments by 11:59 p.m. Friday, August 25, 2006. Closest guess wins a skein of Cherry Hill sock yarn and some other swag of my choosing.

As for fiber content ...

When we got home violin lessons were in order and Mama Squid did what Mama Squids do when their squidlings are taking music lessons -- she retreated to her spinning enclave on the balcony. Much of the fluffy pink stuff was turned in to thin pink singles. Yes Cookie, cotton candy can be spun. [grin]
I will have to card up some more tomorrow as I managed to spin 2 full batts today during the delightful hour or so I spent on the balcony listening to my audio book and enjoying the comfortable weather. Can we please extend summer vacation?


Kirsten said...

My guess for the Squid Family total is 712 miles.

Where in Manhattan do you pick up that foot bridge to Randalls Island? That would be fun to walk across with my kids.

Cookie said...

Yay! I can't wait to see what that fluff grows up to become.

Such a cute and fit family of Squid. I have no idea about miles. I just want to know how much chocolate was involved. *L*

KnittyOtter said...

I love your Bike Cam! Great Idea.

What a fit Family too. That's too faboo! :D

I need to get my bike out again sometime. I'm not ready for 25 miles (although back in my wild 20's I've done that plenty. What the hell happened over here. o.0 *sob*, but going around the block a few times could be fun. ;)

Ann said...

My guess is 500 miles...those unimportant things like work and school are about to barge in big time.

I can't imagine spinning, but somehow reading about your time with the wheel today made me feel quite relaxed. My hair would look like the pink bat after sitting at the wheel that long...


Susan said...

I'm thinking 472. I have no idea why, it just popped in my head. I was going to try to be all scientific but I have enough trouble with Dave's arithmatic.