Friday, October 13, 2006

Am I nuts?

So I know that I swore not to start a new project until I finished the Tulip and Gingham socks for Squidette. Well ... actually I never did do this publicly ... it was in a blog post that never made it off of my Treo. So I guess I am not breaking it by starting the Northern Lights Mittens (Knit Picks).

That said, I am sitting here knitting miles of corrugated ribbing. Blah! I love the effect but it is slow going. Why am I doing this? Well, in my frenzy of yarn buying last spring I picked up this pattern, along with the Tulip and Gingham socks pattern when I purchased the entire Palette Sampler and, oh, the 4 skeins of Dye Your Own for the infamous Dye-O-Rama swap.

I started the Tulip socks for Squidette and then they sat for a while while I knit lots of other things. After finishing Woven, I picked them up again and have actually finished the first one. Then I had Squidette try it on. Good thing she is a growing kid. They should fit her in a year or so.

That determined, I was no longer in a rush to finish them for Rhinebeck -- she can wear other hand knit socks -- but it was brought to my attention that she found it hard to knit before school these days because her hands were cold. We decided that a pair of fingerless mitts would be a good thing and that a pair of "squid" mittens would also be a nice commuter accessory. (Squid mitts are what we call the mittens with the flip top so that fingers can be used when necessary. The pattern that I have for them calls them "pop-up paws.") Since I am still in a color-work-at-home place I have decided to adapt Northern Lights to make them Squid Mitts.

And so, I am knitting corrugated ribbing. I should probably also start the mitts as a "mindless" project but I still have the blankie squares for the charity project and my sock-ret pal socks ... so many projects, so little time. Back to corrugating. Pictures tomorrow.

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Cookie said...

Better that she grow into them than already out of them. ;^)