Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Weekend Before Rhinebeck

First we have the promised Northern Lights Mitten with it's miles of corrugated ribbing. Once I figured out the problem with the pattern -- mainly that it tells you to purchase a color that is never used -- I was just fine. In a few minutes I plan on sitting down to some serious knitting. No, I really do no think that I can have these done by Rhinebeck but what's to stop me from trying?
Then we have the DNA socks out for a ride. These are one of my early pairs of socks -- I forget where I found the cable pattern but googling "DNA cable pattern" will probably do it for you. These are one of my thinnest pair of handknit socks which make them good for cycling. I do wear other hand knit socks in my cycling shoes but they really are a bit too thick and buying wider cycling shoes in not an option right now. When these wear out I will be more discriminating in my cycle shoe choice. The grass, by the way, is on cedar Hill in Central Park, NYC.
And almost last ... the Square logo for Rhinebeck. We purchased sticker paper today so that I can print this out and stick it on my sweater. I hope to also print out the Squid-on-Wheels logo so that you can spot any one of the four Squid in attendance. Technically you should have to find me but I'm willing to concede if you spot Papa Squid or a Squidling.

Last is the cycling update. Squidette had a "reunion" with her fifth grade buddies today so we all rode up to Central Park. This may be the last ride of the season as next week is taken up with the three r's (Rhinebeck, Religious School and Relatives (we hope to see my folks on Sunday and my aunt is coming to Rhinebeck) so riding is out. The following weekend is up for grabs as we may only have 3 bikes for the four of us if Papa sends his out for servicing and sells the Sequoia (yes, we now have 5 bikes for 4 people). My Birthday Bike is not due to be delivered until December 5. (Yes, that is after my birthday but close enough.) So, for those of you who have been anxiously monitoring the sidebar, today's total may be the contest ending total. But ... then again ... maybe not. I promise to announce the winner after Halloween.

That said, this year we rode almost 500 miles in 3 NYC boros, 3 States, crossed 3 major NYC bridges and ate lots of chocolate. We are discussing our goals for next year and hope to add at least one more boro (the Bronx), another major bridge or two (Queensboro, Williamsburg and or George Washington), another state at least (New Jersey) and possibly another country (Canada). Our team aims to do at least the 55 mile portion of the 2007 New York Century and maybe the entire Lancaster Metric Century. We also plan to eat ... lots of chocolate.

Next on tap ... Halloween. We go all out for costumes here at the House of Squid.


Cookie said...

Doing that ribbing would kill me. o.0

Can next year's contest be how much chocolate Team Squid consumed on rides? Pretty please?

KnittyOtter said...

When do y'all leave on your adventure? :D

*L* @ Cookie's chocolate idea


The mittens look awesome. You are doing a kickass job with them. I can't wait to see them completed with your own personal squid flap finish. :D

Oh and I find ribbing soothing. *L* Not as fun as the color stuff though. ;)


cookie a said...

Wow, that's alot of corrugated ribbing. Blech! It looks so beautiful though!

I think it's great that you and the squidlings are doing all this bicycling. Keep up the good work!

I'm jealous of everyone who's going to Rhinebeck. Hope you have lots of fun!

Susan said...

Those are some really cool and impressive mittens!

Have fun in Rhinebeck. I'll try to not be too jealous!