Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Presenting .... Woven!

My apologies for the out of order photos -- blogger is not letting me move them right now.

It really looks a lot better in person. It is light, warm and snuggly. All the things I wanted in a weekend cardigan. Those of you who are playing Blogger Bingo -- look for it at Rhinebeck on Saturday.

We went on a "short" ride yesterday. Short these days is defined as under 15 miles. Monday's ride was only 11 miles but it included a geocache and chocolate. Wait, don't all of our rides involve chocolate? ;-) This was a "new to us" chocolate place -- the venerable Mondel's on 114th Street and Broadway. Yum!

This ride also involved some serious playground time at the "Classic" playground (that is really the name of this park -- the Classic Playground). This is one of the few places in this litigious city where one can find see-saws (teeter-totters to some of you). It is also one of the few remaining playgrounds with the old fashioned slide. No super enclosed, ultra safe apparatus for this playground. It even has old fashioned, knock-your-teeth-out-when-you-swing monkey bars! (No picture of the monkey bars because other people's kids were on them.)

Finally, this may be the last you see of "my" bike. Papa Squid is taking it downtown so that someone can test ride it tomorrow. Hopefully it will sell and hence partially fund my new, on order, bike. The new bike is scheduled to arrive just after my birthday. This bike has been good to me but it never quite fit -- the Bike Friday is simply a more comfortable ride and so the Sequoia is going and a new Bike Friday is coming.

Hope your day was just as lovely as my yesterday.

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Cookie said...

Well done, you!

Ya know, at first, I thought you had taken Woven out for chocolate. ;^)