Thursday, October 05, 2006

That Kind of Day

comes from that kind of night. To start with ...Yes, I went through the entire day like this. I realize it shortly after I arrived at work. I blame it on Squidette. Do you know that curling your toes up on one foot does not actually make the bad shoe disappear? This happened unconsciously whenever I left my office. The toes in the black shoe just curled up, trying to make my nice, size 10 foot disappear. It didn't work and now my toes are a bit sore.

Why am I blaming Squidette? Well, first of all, it is her job to make sure I am dressed properly when we leave the apartment. Obviously she fell short today. I blame her failure to assess my attire correctly on a lack of time spent in her bed last night. Or rather, to her evening stroll in to my room last night. Sound asleep. We had a very interesting conversation about why she was leaning over the dirty laundry cart. She felt she needed something for the next day. I knew better (despite being half asleep myself) and after imparting the information she needed -- mainly that the laundry had been washed earlier in the day and there was nothing she could possibly need in the cart -- steered her back to bed.

I then proceeded to sleep very lightly for the rest of the night, waking at every rustle -- and there were many since the windows were open. In other words, I am exhausted and did not pay attention when I grabbed my shoes off the shelf this morning. If I had just stuck with the outfit I laid out last night, this would not have been a problem but nooooo ... I had to change my mind and wear something else.

Now to finish my button bands. Tell me, am I tempting fate by trying to do buttonholes in my state?


Cookie said...

Where/who did the sleep walking come from? Cause I think that persn should be blamed. It's not the Squidette's fault. She's just a victim of genetics. She can't fight what's hard coded into her DNA.

/says the short girl

Anonymous said...

first time this happened? the shoes i mean, not the sleepwalking. i hear you have a brother or two that used to do that as well.

your anonymous sister