Saturday, October 07, 2006

10 Knitterly Things

Yes, I am joining in this meme. It gives me something to fill space until Woven is done later this weekend. (One more sleeve to attach and seam.)

1. I think my mother taught me how to knit but I have no actual recollection of the event or of knitting in her home.

2. I started knitting (again?) in high school and used books to self teach what I needed to know.

3. I picked up knitting again about 8 years ago and have not stopped since.

4. After avoiding them for so long, my aunt persuaded me to try knitting socks. I now always have sock knitting with me.

5. I do not really do gadgets. I have a ball winder and a swift and a plethora of tape measures but no cable needles (I use a spare dpn) and no stitch holders (scrap yarn) for me. Paper and pencil serve as my row counter.

6. I lose darning needles at an astonishing rate. I was once introduced to the Chibi and told I would never lose it ... it was gone two weeks later.

7. I used to knit at work but have stopped for the most part in an effort to change people's perception of me. My knitting bag does still come into the office with me every day ... just in case. While talking to a fellow Assistant Principal on the phone recently, I reminded him of who I was by saying "you know, I'm the lady who knits."

8. While I no longer knit in work meetings, I still knit in public meetings and "spread the word" that way. So yes, I will not knit at PTA when it is "my" school but I will knit at PTA at Squidette's school when I am the parent. (Got to embarrass the kid, right?)

9. I am slow to try new techniques if the old ones serve my purposes. Cuff-down socks only recently entered my repetoire after years of doing them toe-up. I use the same toe-up cast on that I learned with my first pair and have never tried another because "figure-8" suits me just fine.

10. I can knit in the dark if it is just stockinette or garter. Ribbing can be done but I'm more likely to make mistakes.

Your turn!

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CookieA said...

I was told I couldn't lose a Chibi too. People who say that obviously just don't understand the power of the tapestry needle to lose itself! Clearly, it's not us, it's the needles.