Saturday, December 23, 2006

Last Night of Chanuckah

The last two days of work were rough. High spirits combined with short fuses make for an interesting combination in a high school. As always, my desire to look professional warred with my need to patrol a very large building. The cute black flats? Not so good for extended walking. My poor legs were aching all night. This did not, however, diminish the wonderful time we had celebrating the last night of Chanuckah.

My folks and youngest sibling came over and we ate latkes, lit candles, watched a magic show, analyzed the contents of Squidette's closet and ate chinese food. (Hey, its not just for Christmas any more!)

The Squidlings now own tennis rackets thanks to their grandparents so we just came back from the playground where they hit at each other and at a wall for a good bit. We all went for a "short" bike ride earlier to break in Squidette's new bike computer and do some more fine tuning of my new bike. The ride uptown was fast and easy but we hit the wind coming back and it was a tough return. Tomorrow should be even warmer and we will probably hit the road again. For now I leave you with pictures of a happy family.


Cookie said...

links to this post I think that's what gets the URL for a single post. /Apropo of something from another blog

Pizza is tradional for tomorrow over here, but I think chinese is even better.

I hope you all enjoy a lovely long weekend. *hugs*

Susan said...

Ohhh Chinese..haven't had that in a while but I hear a new one is going in here.

Sounds like a wonderful evening with the all talented Squids..magic even! And there are all the candles! Thanks for that.

~~waving at Cookie..I'll try that!

KnittyOtter said...

Looks like y'all had a lovely day. :D

I may have to try making those latkes sometime. I still have that huge bag of potatoes over here. *L*