Friday, December 22, 2006

Yes, I'm appealing ...

to you all for your unwanted needles -- particularly in sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 -- and yes, even yarn. I took a good look at the boxes yesterday and they are actually low! In my office I have 10 clear, large, Rubbermaid boxes containing the yarn arranged roughly by color. There were also a couple of bags on the floor. Yesterday I consolidated the bags in to the boxes and filled one of the bags with blanket squares to be assembled. Last night I assembled panel number 3.

The last two days have been overrun with kids. As more and more learn, they show their friends and then their friends want to learn. "Miss, can my friend have sticks and string?" Yesterday I provided yarn and jury-rigged needles to several more girls and had to turn away a few who wanted lessons because I had to do building patrol after school. We are at the point where far more kids are learning from their friend then from me! Woo Hoo! The first male has now taken needles and yarn to hand saying that he concentrates better with his hands moving. This has led me to warn them that most people do not understand the knitting and understanding thing so they should ask permission before knitting in class. I do not need my staff mad at me!

Mailing information can be found here at the school website. (This way you know I am legit and am not just taking your yarn for myself.)

Thank you in advance!


Cookie said...

I'll look and see what I've got, Mama Squid. I'm guilty of stealing straights from my mother, so I don't have a lot of my own. *L*

I'm so impressed with how the kids are taking to the knitting.

Susan said...

Hey, I've got a few pair of needles rounded up for you. There would be more but back when I just knew I couldn't knit, I'd use them for other plant stakes.:-0 I'll send some circs too and you can save them for when they are ready to move to that. Tomorrow, I'll go through my stash. Sorry there won't be any real gems, cause no way am I sharing my orange sock yarn *G*. I love reading about these kids, and I'm so glad I get to help a bit.

Anonymous said...

I was pretty cleaned out after the last box I sent you and don't have much more, but what there is, is on the way. If any of it is too laceweight for the kids, you're welcome to use it if it appeals. Or they can learn how to double yarns up ;-)

Anne K. said...

Ah, I was one of those sneaky kids knitting in the back of the classroom in the third grade...went pretty well, too, until the day I dropped an aluminum needle on the tile floor..BUSTED!!! :-)

LOVE knowing about your educational efforts -- will gladly root through my drawers for some un-used straights for you, as I use mostly circs and dpns now.