Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Fun Fur any one?

After seeing several links to this post I decided to contact Kate and add my kids to her list. A half hour or so of my morning was devoted to digging through the yarn boxes in my office and finding most of the fun fur. When the kids came in this afternoon I suggested the idea of knitting fun chemo caps for kids and they jumped all over it! Not a whole lot of progress was made as the kids got used to dealing with the difficult muppet fur but at the end of the afternoon a few rows had been knit by 4 or 5 kids and 4 more young people had learned to knit from scratch. Tha second blanket has enough blocks to be considered half-way there and now kids are starting to work on baby stuff as well as the chemo caps. New knitters are being inculcated at a tremendous rate -- it takes my breath away. These kids really force me to remember what my job is all about -- them -- and I love it!

Thanks to Pooch for the box of yarn and needles that arrived today! You guys are great!


Susan said...

oh where did I put that fun fur? Hopefully it hasn't found it's way to the Pets and People thrift store. what a great idea!

Dave Daniels said...

At the rate that this is going, they're going to need their own blog soon!

Anne K. said...

Ohmigosh, if your kids are school are enjoying Fun Fur, I have another package to send your way! Be on the lookout!!!!