Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Squirrels like glue?

Apparently, while I was off doing other stuff yesterday, a squirrel decided to enter my office via the open window and make off with my glue stick. I didn't even know I had a glue stick on my desk!

The squirrel was seen to enter my office and scamper across my desk. As my secretary made to close the doors so that he would not get in to the rest of the building, she saw him ignore the bag of M&Ms, pick up the glue stick, turn around and leave the same way he came in. He was then seen, outside on the scaffolding, using his mouth to try to get the cover off of the glue stick.

My secretary swears this is true and has another staff member as a witness. She was surprised that he did not even mess up my papers. If you have ever seen my desk you would know that this was a kind of odd comment. How would anyone know if he messed up my papers given the state that they are usually in? We all have our moments.


Ann said...

I think there is something about schools that cause everyone to eat glue seems a natural given the surroundings.

Susan said...

It's a creative squirrel! Making a poster about the need for good dental health! Ha!

btw, I haven't responded to your last email because I can't get in to Yahoo. I read it at work, but can't answer there. Mainly because they were expecting me to actually do work!

Cookie said...

Maybe he left it there and returned to pick it up.