Sunday, January 28, 2007

Goals Achieved

The mittens are in the mail in packaging guaranteed to embarrass little sis (she is using her sorority house as a mail drop).

The Muppet Fur hat is finished.Squidette's scarf is ready for wearing. (My own handspun done in Mistake Rib, one of my fave scarf stitches even before Cookie made it hip.)
and the school blanket is now in 5 panels instead of lots of little blocks.

Little Sis's hat is now on the needles and a new pair of socks has also been started using my lone skein of Cabin Cove for the Dave-along.

And, my nails are once again pink. Last week I went for prudent over pretty and left them au natural. Exam week wrecks havoc on my hands. Broken nails abound as do paper cuts. My poor hands get washed every hour or so since the tests and the vault are just dirty! With the tests, I think it is partially ink rubbing off as I repackage them right before test time.

My crafting goals this week include finishing Sis's hat and finishing the blanket assembly. I have no delusions regarding the socks.

Thanks to Anne K. for this link. It is way cool and if I used Mike's I-Pod I might have to make it. Hmmm ... maybe for Squidette's Zire?

Time to knit on that hat ... have a great week!


Ann said...

What a perfect cover for the iPod!

Susan said...

You were a very busy woman this weekend! Squidette looks so pleased with her scarf..and handspun even! I'm impressed!

Now I have to go follow the link. *G*

Cookie said...

Yay! I love embarrassing packages. *L*

Well done you! You got quite a lot done. Love that scarf and Squidette. I'm so jealous of the handspun!

Anonymous said...

they were just jealous. and the candy is all gone.

guess who!