Friday, January 26, 2007

Goal Oriented Weekend

I have finally finished my sister's mittens. Now to pack them up and send them off.

This weekend is all about finishing. Finishing Squidette's scarf. Finishing my third muppet fur hat. Finishing putting the school blanket panels together. Finishing some stuff for work. Finishing the camp search process for Little Squid.

I also hope to start Kid Sister's hat (to match the mittens) and my Shut Up and Knit Your Cabin Cove project.

Today Squidette auditioned for a spot in a free music camp. If she gets in then we have to find 5 weeks worth of camp for Little Squid. We already decided that he will not go back to the same place they have gone the last few summers. They really have no interest in gymnastics or sports so other then the convenience factor (and that is HUGE) there is really no attachment for it. I admit that for several years we have used camp as a way to make sure that the kids spend at least some of the summer interacting with other kids. It was also a way to give mom and dad two weeks of a few hours a day to just be adults and be with each other. The decision is now that if Squidette does not get in to this camp, then we are dispensing with camp for the summer all together. They will spend some time with my folks and we will do some more extensive camping. Last summer they actually made some friends while camping so the "being with other kids" thing is there.

On the Squirrel front ... he sat on my desk again today and then broke in to my next-door-colleague's office. I think Cookie is right and he wants a job. Hey, he should be an inexpensive addition to payroll. After all, he'll work for peanuts.


Cookie said...

Gorgeous mittens! Lucky sister!

As an only child, I think the 'being with other kids' thing is priceless.

Just make sure he's willing to bus his own shells. ;^)

Susan said...

oh I agree...a lucky sister indeed!

Are there camps where they would both be happily entertained?

LOL...such employee loyalty!

Ann said...

It just feels good to finish things once in awhile doesn't it?