Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Saga of the Squirrel: Act 5

The events in this Act occur on the Monday following the previous Act. Said previous act occurred on a Friday so the squirrel, if it was there to begin with, had my office to himself for the entire weekend.

As I approached my office I wondered. Was my office in a shambles? Did the squirrel eat my box of hot chocolate? Was the squirrel even there? And what about Naomi?

At the door to my office I paused and peered through the lace curtains on the outer door. All seemed clear so I unlocked the door and ventured in. I heard nothing and all seemed fine in my secretary's area so I peered into my own office. I glanced under the desk and noticed that the trap had been triggered but, at first glance I did not see an animal. I figure the custodian had probably kicked it when he cleaned and caused it to snap closed. Then I noticed the furry thing moving within. Yes!

I grabbed the trap, took it outside and released the furry invader. That squirrel took off like a shot! He ran south as fast as his legs could carry him. Hopefully he was smart enough not to run on to the highway.

And so ends the Saga of the Squirrel ... for now.


Susan said...

So, wonder if Squirrel will tell the family that he/she was at the office all weekend. And, wonder if they'll believe it.

Cookie said...


Anne K. said...

Devorah, if he headed south, he may be hanging around my daughter's apartment in Brooklyn by now!

Perhaps you should take your mind off the squirrely events by checking this out this why did I think of you when I saw it?!!

Lynna said...

This is great info to know.