Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Munch, Munch and a Pillow

Squidette's first pillow!
And herself snuggling with same.

I've got the munchies. Big time. All day all I have wanted to do is nibble. I think it is a case of pre-exam jitters. Little Squid finished this set of exams last week, Squidette finishes hers tomorrow and mine begin on Tuesday.

Today I published my 23rd Regents Exam proctoring schedule. With the schedule comes three immutable laws:

The first law of proctoring schedules states that five minutes after the schedule is printed a teacher will approach me with a special request that causes me to change it. (I am far to nice to refuse a polite request.)

The second law states that very few people will read the memo on the other side of their schedule resulting in no end of questions about where they are supposed to be and how they are supposed to behave. (I will rarely point this out unless I am at the end of my rope.)

The third law states that no matter how hard you try, you can never please everyone. (This does not stop me from trying.)

This leads to a very important lesson -- watch what you say while in labor. 11.5 years ago I uttered the fatal words to my supervisor as she drove me home. (I was, at the time, in labor and was obtuse enough to not realize it.) "I hear the Test Coordinator position is opening up. I want to apply." That was it. When I returned in September I was given the position and have done it ever since. Beware of what you wish for ... you may get it!

That said ... I am so protective of the job that I have tried to give it up and can't. I cannot bear to see someone else go through the hard fought learning curve.


Cookie said...

It's lovely! She did a wonderful job.

I don't think anyone can blame you as it was the first baby. Right? o.0

Ann said...

What a great job sewing together all of those tiny pieces!

There are some sort of rules about anything said during labor and childbirth to protect the innocent...

Susan said...

Hey, Squidette! You did a great job and I love the colors. Using that rich blue in the center and on the border really makes it POP! WTG! The local fabric/quilt shop just reopened after being reworked and I hear there are lots of new fabrics. I can't get there yet 'cause my car is stuck in a flower bed so come on down. By the time you get here, I'll have it unstuck and we can drool on fabric!

Ahhh Devorah, the things we get ourselves into. Are there actually people knocking on your door and wanting that job???

KnittyOtter said...

That pillow is cool! :D Great Job, Squidette!!!

11.5 years? Maybe next time you should bring someone in to shadow you through this so they can learn from you. That way it won't be so hard for you to let it go. Plus what if something were to happen to you. (really hope it doesn't) but it might be good to have somebody ready to step into the job who knows what they are getting into. Heck just to give you a break. o.0