Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pickled Cauliflower

Thought for the day: "Pickled cauliflower think they are superior to pickled cucumbers. " Squidette

I find it interesting that through all of yesterday's blather, people picked up on my squirrel comment. This makes me think that I should take a picture of my gnawed window frame before the contractors remove it. (The next batch of windows has finally arrived so I should have a nice, weather tight window in my office before the end of next week. Woo Hoo!)

Now that some of the scaffolding is down I can see what a nice job the workmen are doing on the school. This whole construction experience has been very educational. I even learned what a "load test" is as our guys were commenting on the construction going on across the street. Yes, not only is my own school under construction but they are building a mall across the street. Many of my days are worked to the counterpoint of a pile driver. No wonder the squirrels are taking shelter.

No real knitting progress to report -- a few more rows on the hat and bag and the pile of rejected "Dave sock" is still sitting in a corner waiting to be rescued by the Lucy Neatby socks book, due to arrive later today.

Enjoy the day!


JessZ said...

You got my hopes up with that title. I love pickled cauliflower. When I was a kid I could only get it by picking the few pieces out of a jar of mixed pickles. They were always down at the bottom with a cocktail onion or two. The cauliflower probably thinks it is superior to them too. After all everyone knows those onions like to hang out in bars.

Cookie said...

What does she think of the carrots? It's like they can go anywhere and do anything. o.0

Says something us readers, doesn't it? ;^)

Squidette said...

Why did you post what I said? Oh, and by the way, i don't even know what pickled cauliflower tastes like! Or at least I think I don't.

Yea, you should take a picture of the window frame. It'll look cool.

Ann said...

It seemed to take me two weeks to decide which yarn and which pattern for the SU&KYCC event. I think someone was nudging me toward the pattern I am using.

I forgot how much I enjoy having socks on the satisfying.

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