Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another Break, More Finished Objects

At the start of the mid-winter recess I mentioned my knitting goals for the break. I am pleased to announce that not only did I finish all of my break knitting, I also started and almost finished one additional project -- new felted clogs for Squidette -- and finished felting my Boogaj bag. Pictures of the bag will appear after I have inserted the strap.

So, in order of finishing, I present ...

Bumblebee Scarf, as modeled by Little Squid. Now he has matching hat, scarf and mittens though the mittens did not join the hat and scarf on the ski slope in sub-freezing weather.Mystery Project. I show you the cakes of yarn to prove that they were used. Mystery Project will be revealed in a week or so after Papa has had a chance to use them in school.

Tulip and Gingham socks for Squidette. These were started several months ago and completed on Friday night.Mermaid socks for Mama Squid. Knit out of Cabin Cove yarn -- my one and only skein. Dave, I need a fix! Just not a lace weight fix, thank you.

And work was done on the third school blanket. There are not yet enough blocks for an entire blanket but I pieced together a few of the odder shaped blocks in to one larger block.A new pair of socks is on the needles and I should finish the clogs by Wednesday with felting on Sunday.

Tomorrow, back to work in the snow and slush. Yick! I really dislike commuting in this kind of weather and NYC simply does not close schools for less than a foot of snow.


Susan said...

Wow you must feel really good. You've accomplished so much over this break! And what? You aren't looking forward to seeing the baby squirrels in your drawer? That was sooo funny!

Dave Daniels said...

The socks for Squidette are just SO cool. I love the heel detail thingy, it's just great.
And those are adorable socks you made from my yarn.
Looks like you really crammed a lot into a week off.

Anne K. said...

Your FOs are just sock-errific! The ones for your daughter made me go "ooo! ooo! ooo!" GORGEOUS!

I continue to love any updates about the kids' knitting club at school. This weekend a friend recruited me to volunteer for a similiar project at a middle school here. I am not good at teaching ANYTHING but if the kids are motivated, we may have some success. I'll keep you posted!

Anonymous said...

What accomplishment! I can't say enough about those gorgeous pairs of socks. And a mystery project... intriguing. Good job Squid! It must be the tentacles, yes? It makes you three times as productive!
Socky the Second

Greeley said...

You were busy over break! Thanks for joining the cycling knitters webring.

Zoe said...

You busy bee. :D Love all the stuff especially the Dave socks.