Monday, February 26, 2007

Back to School Blues

I love my job but I hate going back after a vacation. Everyone is somewhat out of sorts and that includes my own squidlings. One greeted me this morning with an "I'm very emotional this morning" and the other burst in to tears four times before he got to school. One was put to rights with a hug and a cup of tea -- and a "isn't puberty grand," and the other with a new lunch box, a strap for said lunch box (actually an old lunch box dug out of the closet), a pile of clean shirts and a promise that the wet spot on his pants would dry (very wet snow fell from the car on to his pants).

Once at work I dealt with an issue that had kept me awake all night. One of those "dang, I forgot to do X before the break and it is going to really mess me up now" moments. After 2 hours of my assistant dealing with it she suddenly realized that yes, I had asked her to do it before the break and not only that, but she had dealt with it before break and we were not in trouble. In other words, I had done what I thought I had forgotten to do and she had done what I thought I forgot to tell her to do. So, tonight I am exhausted all because I was actually properly efficient. I just hate when that happens.

My new windows are in and look good. The site supervisor made nice to us and did all of the finishing work. The classrooms got the finishing piecemeal -- windows one week, plastering the next, painting the third week and finally shades. I came back to plastered, sealed windows with shades ... and a good squirrel story.

Apparently, while they had the windows out, the squirrels came in and ran all around the suite of offices. They even set off the building alarm system when stowaways escaped into the corridor. Finally, they were herded out a side door. Evidence of their presence was on my desk. Blech!

And now it is Tuesday and I will have the pleasure of seeing Yo Yo Ma at Carnegie Hall tonight. Weeee!


Paul said...

Yo Yo Ma! I. Am. So. Jealous...

Have a great time!

beadlizard said...

I've always wanted to hear Ma in person... I have heard that he is a wonderful man, gentle and kind and brilliant. Have fun! --Syl

Cookie said...

I hope the Squidlings are feeling better.

I am with Paul. Very jealous.

Susan said...

oh wow! what a wonderful evening... I can't even imagine what it would be like.

too bad there weren't movies made of the great squirrel roundup.

Ann said...

Wow...I'm with Pauly, Yo Yo Ma, how very cool. I can't wait to read a full report!

Anonymous said...

Yo Yo Ma?! Yo Yo Cool! Have the BEST time; can't wait to hear how it is.
What a good Squid Mama you are!
Socky the Second