Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?

Um ... take the C train? (Any one out there not know the punch line?)

Last night started the second half of our subscription season at Carnegie Hall. On the program, the New World Symphony with guest cellist, Yo Yo Ma. This concert was a lot of fun for a number of reasons.

First, I have never knowingly heard any of the pieces that were performed so they all held my attention.

Second, watching Yo Yo Ma perform was just amazing. Last year we saw a number of young soloists and I was amazed at the differences in performance styles. Yo Yo Ma kept me amazed and guessing throughout the performance.

Third, the bagels. Yup, the bagels. The piece that Yo Yo Ma performed was Shostakovitch's Cello Concerto No. 2 in G Major, Op 126. The program notes for this piece speak about a part of the final movement in the following terms: "... Next comes a scherzo, a kind of jazz dance based on an Odessa street cry: "Bagels, buy our bagels ..."" So when Yo Yo Ma and the conductor came out for their bows holding bagels, half the audience burst in to laughter ... the other half was just confused. I am so glad that I read the program notes before the piece so that I got the joke.

We were also honored with a pre-intermission encore which I have never witnessed before. Way cool. Oh, and the kids were home ... it was an adult evening out. We are nice parents but not that nice. Both kids prefer opera to a straight instrumental concert.


On a side note, if anyone was planning on donating to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Squidette recently completed a Math-a-thon and has a donation page up here. She already held up politely asked and received pledges from most of her aunts and uncles so her school obligations are now fulfilled. This is not one of those big blog-drives ala' the Yarn Harlot, just a small PSA. No obligations, no goals. Just, if you already were planning on donating for some strange reason then here is a link to do it through. Really, I'll let you know when I really need your help. I like this organization and support it myself. 'Nuf said.

Tune in tomorrow for the latest Squirrel story. It's short, sweet and telling of the time we live in. And there are pictures!


Cookie said...

I'm so jealous and glad you and Papa Squid had a night out. We love the Squidlings, but sometimes they need to stay home.


Ann said...

"Practice, Practice, Practice"...what a wonderful night out. I would have loved the experience. It's nice to get to enjoy it just a little through your posts.