Friday, March 02, 2007

Hair Sticks

Over the last year or so I have allowed my hair to get fairly long. Initially this was due to simple procrastination. Then I really got to like how it looked long. Now I am growing it with a purpose in mind and I am committed to keeping my hair long at least through the summer -- but when I cut it, I still want to be able to cut off 10 inches or more and have the remainder still be long. So, this has become a major commitment.

Whenever my hair begins to get long, I start playing with it. This week, in order to get my hair off my neck in the afternoon, I twisted it up and stuck two knitting needles in it. It worked! This made me think that I might finally be able to successfully wear hair sticks. Yesterday I invested in a couple of cheap pair and managed to keep my hair in a neat twist with them for several hours. Rah!

This evening, Squidette asked me to try it with her hair. Her hair has also gotten fairly long due to my habit of procrastination. (Interesting how the Little Squid is the only person in this family that I feel I must drag to the barber on a regular basis.)

And here you go ... Big mommy, little mommy.Now to do some shopping on Etsy! There are some neat hair sticks there.


fillyjonk said...

I've tried hair sticks many times and they never work for me. Either I have unusually heavy hair, or its waviness is too recalcitrant and won't let the sticks do their job.

I keep thinking about getting my hair cut short - it would be easier to take care of - but then I look at it in the mirror and think again.

Cookie said...

You two are so cute!

I bet you keep on top of Little Squid's hair because he's your son and still young enough for you to be in charge of how he looks. Compared to Papa who is old enough to look after himself.

I keep eying some rosewood straights at my backup LYS. I think they would look great in my hair. With summer coming, we need a plan for our long hair. :D

Holly of HollYarns said...

My gods, you two are practically twins in that picture! Beautiful twins, too!

I think that some of the nicer needle sets (as long as they aren't too long)--like the Lantern Moon ones--would make great hair sticks! I'm inspired to try!

P.S. Let me get caught up with school and I'll continue our very interesting and educational email conversation. Promise. I like that I am getting to know you and your familia.