Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Little Sis!

How does one embarass a sister? Well, like this ...oops, no, not that one --

Here we go ...Amanda at almost 4 -- as flower girl at my wedding.
(She is being held by my sister-in-law.)

As of today she has only one more year before she can drink legally in the United States.

Sometime later this year I will hopefully show you a picture of her as Maid of Honor at our brother's wedding. From Flower Girl to Maid of Honor in 16 short years. Way to go, kiddo!

Happy, Happy Birthday!

And on the Squidling front ..."Daddy said we could.""Want some?"


Cookie said...

She's beautiful! I hope she's having a wonderful day.

Do I want? Maybe... what is it? *L*

Mary said...

What yummy goodies were the Squids cooking up? Hungry bloggers want to know!

Susan said...

Oh happy birthday Squid sister! Were y'all making a birthday cake??

Ann said...

I am sure she LOVES that you shared that photo of her.


Anonymous said...

You're kinda lucky I just saw this because I prob would have been more upset had I seen it on my birthday. We're even.