Monday, March 19, 2007

True Conversations

Most nights I give Little Squid an extra kiss as I head in to bed. I used to do it for Squidette, too, but more often then not I accidentally woke her up and then she could not fall back to sleep. So, now I only give Little the extra peck.

Some nights he is sound asleep. Other nights he sleepily lifts his head and give me a soft peck on the cheek in return. Most nights, however, he is still awake and he presents some of the exenstensial thought provoking questions that I have posted here before. Last night, however, went like this:

Me: "Are the pants I just stepped on clean or dirty."

LS: "I don't know."

Me: (Thinking that they certainly felt folded and not crumpled.) "Why would clean pants be on the floor?"

LS: "Because they fell off the bed when I was putting them away."

I will not relate the rest of the conversation but let is suffice to say that when I walked into my bedroom I looked at my husband and uttered these words "he's your son."

*** And then there was last night when he came out before bed and asked "What is Genocide?" We refused to answer on the grounds that it would keep him up all night.***
Tomorrow I get to be the parent in parent-teacher conferences. I also get to take my son out for lunch. Always an interesting afternoon. (I get to play the teacher part Thursday and Friday.)


Em said...

Hello Not-So-Secret Pal! Thanks so much for the gifts; I love them all! Paricularly the change purse and the frog row-counter that I'll probably have a friend try and fight me for ;-).
You're an excellent Pal. I know you stepped up in last minute circumstance and I appreciate it so much!
Thank you!

Cookie said...

Not only are the children growing at an alarming (to me) rate, but they are intelligent thoughtful children. Again, I blame you for dropping the ball. :p

From what I can tell, stupid children are far less challenging, but not nearly as cute as the smart ones.


Susan said...

You really should be quite proud of your children. I know some that I wonder what in the world will ever become of them. Too old and too young all at the same time.