Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Parent or Teacher

Parents and Teachers in New York City are spending this week in conference. Both the elementary schools and the high schools have the traditional conferences during this short time period. This means that theoretically, both of the adults in this household get to sit of both sides of the conference table in the same week.

In reality, I played the parent to Little Squid's teachers earlier today and it is unlikely that I will actually conference with any parents on Thursday and Friday when the high schools have conferences. This does not mean that I get the night and afternoon off, I still have to be there -- just in case someone has a complaint about one of my teachers. If I am lucky one of the knitters will bring by a parent just to say "hi."

Papa Squid, on the other hand, played the parent role a few weeks ago for Squidette's teachers and in turn will see dozens of parents on Thursday and Friday. Feel for him -- well attended conferences are a huge drain on a high school teacher. You have 2 hours to see anywhere from 1 to 100 parents. I'm not kidding.

Do they matter? Yes, I honestly think so. As a parent you get insights from someone who doesn't live with your little darling and as a teacher you get a glimpse into a kid's home life. Both provide enlightenment.

I actually wrote a paragraph about my conference with Little's teachers and deleted it. It was fine. That said, I had a lovely lunch with my son followed by conferences and then a nice walk around the neighborhood until it was time to meet Squidette. We three had a snack and then, after dropping them at Hebrew school, I spent a lovely two hours in my car listening to an audio book and knitting on Squidette's sweater. Yes, I could have gone into a coffee shop but I wanted some time truly alone. It was nice. My phone rang only once -- Papa Squid asking if I had the newspaper (I forgot to leave the sports section) and I was fairly relaxed when I went to retrieve the kids. I have not checked in at work and refuse to do so until tomorrow morning. They seem to have managed without me for half a day.

All of this leads up to the fact that I cannot go to the Yarn Harlot event on Thursday because I have to be the Teacher. Yes, I want to call in sick. No, I won't do that because I am too responsible. On the up side, I get to see my folks and kid sister since they are my childcare for the evening. If anyone wants to "Represent" for me I will be grateful. I have some hats that I will try to drop at Knitty City tomorrow.


Susan said...

Yay on Little Squid's conference and such a lovely afternoon. Alone time, to me, is a necessity, especially after a work day. Probably why I am met at the door by only animals *G*. bummer that you won't get to go to event. It sounds like so much fun. If I were rich, I'd fly right up there to represent you. But umm...I think this week I can't quite manage that! LOL

Helen said...

Boo hiss on missing Harlot!
I've narrowly missed twice now, and so far WILL get to go when she's in Chicagoland (at last, we bounce thorugh the same town on the same day instead of one day off!)

woo hoo on good conferences. May Papa Squid's be productive, appropriately brief, and include thank you's from at least two parents

Cookie said...

I'll be thinking about you and Papa Squid. Thank goodness the conferences don't happen more often. o.0