Friday, March 23, 2007

How Many Adults Does it Take ...

to supervise two squidlings?

This is question I pondered while making small talk with some of my colleagues last night.

As a general rule, when we go out for dinner or a concert, one teen suffices. For parent-teacher conferences, however, with its longer time span (and the fact that our teen sitter teaches on Thursday evenings) my parents step in. This time they brought my younger sister with them. (She was in town for spring break and needed my kids for a school project.) That makes three adults to two kids. Overkill perhaps? (Just kidding guys, I know it is an excuse to see the grandkids.) Mike did point out that technically there were only two adults present, Mom and Amanda. (Love you, Dad!)

I was joking with a student teacher that my kids were such hellions that they needed three adults and she thought I was serious! Don't worry, I set her straight.

Tomorrow we hope to take to our wheels again and give you some NYC lore. Tune in, spring is kind of here!


Cookie said...

One could do it if they had enough chocolate. ;^)

KnittyOtter said...

I read that was how many adults does it take to watch two squirrels. o.0

I hope you get to go on your ride. :D