Thursday, March 29, 2007

Music !

Squidette got in to Music Camp! Off the waiting list! It's free! To celebrate, we got her these . Now to figure out what to do with Little Squid.

We went to a concert at Avery Fisher Hall last night and I was smart enough to: 1. bring my camera and 2. find the balcony during intermission. Hence you benefit from both day and night pictures of some of the Lincoln Center Buildings.

Avery Fisher Hall (day shot only) Home to the New York Philharmonic and site of the Stuyvesant High School graduation and hence fond memories.

The New York State Theater, home to the New York City Ballet and the New York City Opera.
The Fountain where I once chased a suitor (not Papa Squid) and bopped him on the head with my high school yearbook. He still kept asking me out. Some guys just can't take no for an answer.The plaza in front of the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater. I love the stars in the trees!
For the curious, I no longer look like Franken-mommy though half my face is still a bit green. My dentist sent me to a friend (read: nice doctor) to have my stitches removed and to be evaluated for additional damage. While I do not like the concept of Dentist, I do like love my dentist. After slipping me into his schedule this morning and checking me out (I thought I might have chipped a tooth), he even called his friend for me and arranged everything. Sweetest words of the day (uttered by the office assistant of my new Park Avenue Plastic Surgeon): "your co-pay is ..." They took my insurance!!!

And look what Mike got me!


Paul said...

Congrats to Little Squid! Very cool.

Thank you for all the New York pictures. I have a friend who builds costumes at the Metropolitan Opera, and he gave us a backstage tour this summer while he was on vacation - TOTALLY COOL! So, your pics bring back a few recent memories.

And glad to hear you're doing so well!

Cookie said...

Yay for Squidette!

I vote you keep him. ;^) Love all the photos. What a wonderful dentist! I didn't know plastic surgeons took insurance. *L* I'm so glad you're healing up, and what a lovely Papa Squid!

KnittyOtter said...

Congratulations Squidette!!! :D

That's so cool. (I'm not making any band camp jokes, that'd be weird.)

I'm with Cookie, I vote ya keep him. *snicker*

Mike is a very good sweetiehead. That chocolate is super yummy.

Great photos and backstory too. I love seeing bits of your life like this. :D

I hope you are having a GREAT Friday over there!!


Anne K. said...

Was especially glad to see the Avery Fisher hall photos - fond memories for me, too, as that's where Maureen graduated from Marymount Manhattan College a mere three years ago this spring. And Eliot Spitzer was the keynote speaker! I just love all your NYC photos - thanks so much for providing them!