Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Face is Green!

and it hurts to sneeze!

Yes, I am wallowing in this, somewhat. I usually do not complain when I am hurt or sick but not this time. The green is not too obvious in this latest picture but even Mike noticed it. I know that green is good ... it is the bruising fading. So, to cheer it on, I added a matching green Cookie Monster band-aid. *grin* Yes, if I am trying to downplay this then Cookie Monster is not the way to go but if I am trying to dispel a rumor of beating-by-student then I think I've got just the right touch.

Yes, if anyone is paying attention, I am wearing a bicycle charm on my neck. It was my mother-in-law's and I think it makes the point -- if only to me. I will be back on my bike!

Tonight, some good music -- if I can stay awake.


Anne K. said...

My gosh, girl!!! I skip reading blogs for a few days and I've missed all the trauma - good heavens, hope you are feeling better - no fun to be sporting a bike-related injury on your face! Hope you're on the mend, and the weekend quilt photos were fabulous!

Elizabeth said...

Turn my back for a few days, and there you are, getting into trouble. I hope you continue to feel better. It is amazing sometimes how increased awareness of spousebeating leads to complete denial of any other means of injuring oneself. My mother got a lot of questions when she was recovering from surgery on her nose - and the fact that the surgery had to be repeated 5 times over the course of 18 months...
I love the quilt photos - the black and white quilt was quite wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I'm late! I'm late for a very important (Sockret Pal) date!
Hello Pal! I'm sorry to be MIA lately, but it's that "life happens" I guess! But- in case you're green self is concerned ;-)- a package will be coming your way- and should arrive... by Monday. Yes, past the Pal date, but it will be worth waiting for- Sockret Pal honor!
It's been so much fun being linked up with you for the last bit of this swap.
Socky the Sloooow Second :-0

Ann said... gotta get back up on that horse and ride....