Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Forgetful and Crochet

This morning I had to turn the corner to drop Squidette off at school because there were two police vehicles where I usually stop. Having dropped her in front of school, I continued north on First Avenue to drop off Little Squid. Several blocks later I heard a small "mom?" from the back seat. Oops, I had forgot to drop Little Squid off at school. Two left turns and a few blocks later I managed to get rid of the kid and made my way to work.

Since today is Tuesday, the knitting club did meet and I got a couple of the girls started on crochet using the sparkly hooks that KnittyOtter sent us. I love hooking kids on a new hobby! We lost some time due to a building collapse nearby that had me jumping up every few minutes to steer kids around the shut down subway lines. The I had to kick them out early so I could deal with my facial issues.

Not for the Squeamish. You have been warned!

I did get lots of knitting done today while waiting as a "walk-in" to finish the work on my face. After an hour of waiting for the walk-in (expected) and another 30 minutes in an exam room, I finally left ... with an appointment to go back on Thursday and the stitches still intact.

The entire cuff of my second ruffle sock is now done and I am working on the heel.

I was once again let go sans aesthetic covering (more understandable this time) but I am continuing to cover up in public because of my small degree of vanity and my belief that a bandage is more "attractive" then my bruised and stitched eye. Ick. I tend not to be vain but this is one area that does bother me and so I am doing something about it. Little Squid saw my bare face this morning and was a little freaked. I do not like to freak out my kids or my colleagues. Hence, the bandage. If there is anyone out there who really thinks that I should leave it uncovered in public, let me know. I'd love a good reason. Meanwhile I will continue to cover and to keep my hair tied back. (I also think my glasses might hit it a little. After all, they caused the damage to begin with.) (Mike thinks it is not very noticeable without a bandage.)

Oh, and the doctor did not seem to really believe my story. Hmm ... the number of people who think I was beaten is truly amazing. There is now a rumor going around school to the effect that I was attacked by a student. Given that I spent most of Friday all excited about riding over the weekend, I find that one odd. The rumor that I did it rollerblading is more understandable. I do rollerblade. I know that the E.R. people believed me, after all, I had my bike with me. *g* Yup, Mike folded it and sent it along in the ambulance with me.

Really guys, it was asphalt that did this!

No update tomorrow, we have concert tickets for the New York Philharmonic. (Just the adults, thank you very much.)


Cookie said...

At least, they don't think Mike did it.

Good thing Little Squid is big enough to speak up. ;^)

KnittyOtter said...

Glad you have found a use for those hooks. :D

Sprite said...

Ok, I remember this .. thought I commented on it. Truly, for what you went through, at least "the pictures" don't look that bad, but I'm with you, I wouldn't like all the "face" injury stuff. Not at all!!! Or .. even a little!!