Monday, March 26, 2007

Fun Stuff

Mike discovered this today, its about a guy who walked every single street on Manhattan Island. Squidette thinks we should do it on our bikes. Sound good to me!

Mike also discovered this, I just love Dave Barry!

You think Mike has too much time on his hands?

Did anyone else notice that Tellitubbies are making a comeback? Eek! Squidette had a Tinky Winky doll when she was younger but that was about it. They never usurped the Muppets in this household.

Yesterday we watched The Muppet Movie. One of my favorite lines is uttered by Big Bird "I'm on my way to New York City to try to break into Public Television." Love that movie. When I was 12 my folks took me to see it at some huge Manhattan movie Palace and I remember being swept away from the very first minute. Seeing Kermit on the big screen practically made me squeal with emotion and seeing a Kermit doll on the shoulder of a little kid, afterwards, made me jump with excitement. The only other Muppet movie that brought that kind of reaction was Muppet Christmas Carol when the new voice of Kermit debuted. That was kind of sad. I admit it, I cried when Jim Henson died.


Looking for a picture of me? Go here. Things are looking better. I got to freak out lots of people at work today. One male student actually came up to me and softly asked if I was o.k. Sweet kid. Apparently it was the sight of the bandage that bothered people, not my red and puffy eye (which I guess is not too apparent from a distance and behind my glasses). And to think, one of the reasons I am wearing the bandage is to keep people from freaking out. (Mainly Squidette.) Also to keep my hair away from the area. And my glasses. The sight of stitches is kind of weird. I was, you see, originally released from the E.R. without anything covering the wound. They put one on when I had to go back for reasons that are too disturbing to share.


Cookie said...

I think it's lovely that they were concerned at work. Nice to know they care.

I just love the squeamish. *L* It's not like you have staples or something. Yes, I've spent way too much time in hospitals over the years. :p

Sprite said...

I loved the "this" and "this" and think Squidette has a great idea, too!

Omgosh! Accident?? What happened? Are you ok? I have some reading to do apparently!! Hey! You're not supposed to harm yourself when I'm off duty!! *big hugs*

KnittyOtter said...

"They put one on when I had to go back for reasons that are too disturbing to share."

I am so curious now. o.0

What happened?

Love the stuff Mike found.

I was all about the muppets. Even have some of the shows on DVD. Love John Denver because of the muppets. ;^)

I hope you're feeling better today, sweetie.