Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Road to Recovery

Thank you for all of your kind wellness wishes. If you came here for an injury update, scroll to the end. This blog should not be "all injury, all the time."

Squidette and I did get out today and walked over to a quilt show over at F.I.T. The quilts were great and we even found a few with squid!Squidette picked up some blocks with which to make something for someone special and then went back a few hours later and picked up a punch-needle embroidery kit. I am convinced that she is going to poke herself in the leg but at least I know that her tetanus shot is up to date. *g*
Meanwhile I have spent the rest of yesterday and most of today lounging on the couch. When energized, I knit on this -- Squidette's sweater. Under the influence of injury I messed up the neck decreased and had to rip back but I did manage to finish the first front last night. I'm now working on the other front and hope to accomplish a fair amount as I'm back to knitting with accuracy and at a decent speed.

Injury update

My face is not as bad looking as I thought it would be and if you really want to see, you can click here. Otherwise we will move on. Muscles ache and sleep is difficult since I can't sleep on my left side and I got a tetanus shot in my right arm. More ouch! I'd be concerned about how blah I felt for most of today except I was exhausted coming into this weekend and add the accident and lack of sleep to that and there you go. Fortunately spring break is only a week away.

No, we did not get back out on our bikes today. I haven't put my helmet on but I suspect that the straps will push my glasses into the sore spots, so that will have to wait until next weekend. Also, I can't find my earwarmer. It seems to be the only thing that went missing yesterday. Kind of amazing, actually. The EMT that treated me said that she never wore a helmet when she rides. Interesting thing to say to a person who just crashed head first into the pavement while wearing a helmet.

My lacerations were most likely caused when asphalt met my glasses and my glasses met me. Mike had a similar injury a few months ago though he didn't need stitches. And his accident was caused by a stupid person, not a stupid metal plate. That said, we are going to shop for glasses that might be less likely to cause this type of injury. Probably a good idea to have a back up pair of glasses anyway. I got very lucky that mine were not destroyed in this adventure. They are a tad worse for the experience but hey, they were due for replacement soon anyway.

A note to the other Cycling Knitters out there -- this was one of the few rides where I did not have my sock knitting with me. Since I had to hold a cold pack to my face most of the time, I didn't really miss it but I will never forget it again!


Paul said...

Hey there! I'm glad you're on the mend, and the pics don't look too bad.

Love the squid quilts - especially the one using squids as a border - very clever and well done. Thanks for the pics!

Dave Daniels said...

Um...not that I'm overly superstitious, but have you made a connection between NO knitting and accidents? I think you need to keep a little skein with you at all times. Just for protection. :)

Cookie said...

Love the quilts!

I think a pair of glasses just for riding is a good idea. That was an odd thing for the EMT to say.

Oh, and I agree with Dave. You may want to add a tiny skein to your wallet/person just to be safe. ;^)

Sprite said...

Loved the picture of little squid being her crafty self. I so love how close the two of you are.

A cycle accident.. omgosh .. I still can't believe this and am still reading backwards to find out what happened. Take good care of you and mend quickly!! *hugs*