Monday, March 05, 2007


O.k., maybe the exclamation point is not called for since we lamed out this year. The kids had the option of going to religious school in costume. Since I only help with costumes if actually asked, and was not asked, they got creative with what they had. Little Squid kept on his scarf, hat and mittens and went as a wasp. Not a bumblebee. You see, a wasp can keep stinging without dying and bumblebees die when they sting. Little Squid wanted to keep stinging ... Always the scientific one ...

Squidette became her evil robot self. 'Nuf said.

A response to Mel the Elf ... The reason that Hamentashen feature the "time four" factor has to do with the vast amount of fat in the recipe. The fat actually encases extra weight and transports them to another dimension. When you eat the pastry, the fat breaks down and causes the extra weight to be retrieved and instantly installed on your midsection. This also explains why so many high fat items are physically light yet pack a serious punch weight-wise.

[Note to readers: Mel the Elf has frequently wondered how he can eat one pound of dinner and weigh two pounds more so this question actually make sense ... at least to me.]

Meanwhile we are in the middle of a debate about the Large and Terrible Frog. Is he so large that he can actually eat a little bunny? Do bunnies get smaller when dipped in dirt? Shouldn't the Birds be eating the frogs? And what about the cookies?

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KnittyOtter said...

Bunnies dipped in dirt!?! o.0

So what does an evil robot self look like? *L*