Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring? Spring!

Look! Sprouts! The first is cucumber and the others are basil. I moved the flower seeds behind the turtle light so that they might get some natural light. I really should read the packages and figure out when to start worrying. Last week was a rough one for Squidette. Adolescence was not being nice to her and I think I came of as somewhat unsympathetic despite my best efforts to be understanding. So, I am proving my love in the manner I know best. Knitting.

She pored over my back issues of Knitter's Magazine and picked out this.We took the pattern to Knitty City and picked out these.I will take the pattern stitch and combine it with this, because the smallest size in the magazine will fit me loosely and Squidette is still smaller in all areas despite her best efforts at growing.

Two episodes of Enterprise later ... an almost completed swatch. I figure another episode should do it. The swatch, by the way, is bigger then one side of this sweater will be. Think it's big enough?

(Yes, Cookie and KnittyOtter, our inner Trekkies are coming out and Squidette is catching the fever. Years from now she will make me regret getting rid of all my Trek stuff.)


Dave Daniels said...

Mmmmm, fresh basil. I hope you have a bountiful harvest.
And the Budd Book is my all time favorite pattern book. I LOVE it!

Sprite said...

Love the sweater! Tell Squidette EXCELLENT taste! *hugs to mom* And the buds? Yay to spring buds. I think I may need to try and grow some herbs from seed, too! What a GREAT idea. I have Rosemary growing all year long, but I need to venture out a bit.

You're a great mom ... we all grow and learn, don't be so hard on yourself.

KnittyOtter said...

LOVE that sweater pattern. What yarn is that? That's pretty nifty. :D

It thrills me to pieces that you like Star Trek. Yessssss.

You know about the new movie in the works right? OS with a younger Kirk.

*Happy Otter Dance*

Cookie said...

She's always more than welcome to e-mail me if she needs someone who's right there with her. *hugs*

You're such a good mama. Is that 220 superwash? I can't wait to see that sweater. :D

Love the sprouts. I think it takes the tiny seeds longer to germinate. Don't start worrying yet.